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IDEALS mission to be a positive impact in the lives of young people doesn’t stop after they leave high school. IDEALS continues to provide personal development messaging and content through their Quote for the Week and monthly IDEALS Moment.As our IDEALS Alumni go through the various chapters of their lives after high school, they face new challenges and opportunities. IDEALS wants to be there for them as they enter these exciting times in their lives. To do so, IDEALS is now providing additional programs and content that our IDEALS alumni can use and continue their personal and professional growth in their careers, marriages and families. These programs include:

Knowledgecast by IDEALS Podcast

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Welcome to Knowledgecast, a podcast presented by the IDEALS Foundation and hosted by IDEALS founder, Jack Williams. Knowledgecast is all about learning applicable leadership knowledge and how to be a positive influence in the lives of others from top leaders across the country including coaches, mentors, entrepreneurs, business executives, former professional athletes, and more. As we always say on Knowledgecast, until next time, make it your goal to be a positive influence in the lives of others. 

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