SALT Methodology

IDEALS stresses to each participant to follow the natural progression of: Learn. Lead. Leverage.

Be a constant learner. Take full advantage of all the material provided through our Leadership Programs and be actively engaged in group discussions. Optimize your experience.

Each participant was chosen to attend our Leadership Program because he/ she have shown the ability or potential to be a leader on their teams and in their schools. After they have been through our Program, they need to commit to put into action what they’ve learned. Be a leader on your respective teams and with your school peers.

By participating in our Leadership Program you’ve differentiated yourself from the majority of others you’ll be competing with in life. You’ve earned a “competitive advantage”. Just like in sports, you want to Leverage that advantage. By doing so, you allow yourself to become all you can be as a person, leader, role model, spouse, parent, friend, and in your career.

About SALT

The IDEALS SALT program was created to fill the demand from high schools to get more of their student athletes involved in the IDEALS Leadership School curriculum and unique leadership experience. In 2011 IDEALS converted the current Leadership School curriculum into a professional DVD series with accompanying Facilitator Guide and Student Worksheets so that high schools across the country can hold the program on their respective campuses. The program is still geared primarily for junior student athletes from all sports and genders.

Inspiring excellence.
Empowering young people. Developing leaders.

“While we certainly have talent, we aren’t overly blessed with dominant studs in hardly any sport. It hit me while talking with my Principal that I truly believe we’re seeing the impact of SALT, from kids buying in, to coaches being very supportive of the program. We’ve had talent in years past without these results so you have to consider what is different. Certainly SALT isn’t the only factor, but it’s definitely had a positive impact. Kind of neat to see! After 4 years of listening to coaches complain about a dearth of leadership, I haven’t heard a single comment these last 2 years other than how much more cohesive our kids are. Excited to get started in year three!” -Georgia High School

What does this program cost?

The SALT Program has an $895 license fee for all states.
If you are a subscriber to the Principles for Performance program or Next Step,
the SALT Program is included free of charge.

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